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Painting A DIY Bike Lane Mexican Style

More info: Translation (via Google): 3. April 2011
male citizen bicycle paths
Mexico's middle class organized sichper Twitter, umVerkehrspolitik and change society
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In Mexico, citizens create
on your own bike paths. It
is not just about security, they
also set a sign against
the authoritarian authorities.
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Matt Knecht, Guadalajara
9 Clock 40: The civil disobedience be-
begins to country of late,
rested for it. Joy Nu ~ no, 27, Video
designer, is now site manager
in Mexico's second largest city, Guadalajara
Lajara: "The road is 9 meters wide.
Right and left, we zwacken each 1.20
Meters for the bikes off to a length
of three kilometers, "he exclaims.
The 30-member troupe invites the
Material for the "bourgeois-Velo
away from, "as they call their project.
Huge template in the form of
Bikes, paint buckets and homemade
Street signs. The group includes
Students as well as employees and
Self-employed. Each raises so much money in
his hat as he can to the vice-
charged 600 francs material costs
. Cover Together they finally lift-
Lich an adventurous companions of
the loading area, a supercharged
and gun-tipped loads
velo. In the sweaty three-
Man operation can thus be an almost
straight line on the road spray.
More deaths than in the drug war
10 Clock 05: The main working unit
Jesus Soto, 26 - a Blackberry.
The computer specialist is now com-
munikationschef. He sent first
Photos about Twitter and Facebook. Re-
porter of local and national media
, hurry. "This action is completely
illegal, "Soto dictated into the microphone.
"I am involved because our authorities
the incapable. We make it
in the pillory. "Mexico's road
transport more than 17 000 persons die
. NEN That's more deaths than in Dro-
genkrieg. It hits the poor most,
the foot or by bicycle to move-
gene, because otherwise afford
can. Mexican cities are only
Cars built, the city of Guadalajara
jara. "Our cities are a mirror
of Mexico's inequality, "laments Soto.
10 Clock 30: The activists impose
The new speed limit. "30 km / h»
is now in huge letters on
the roadway. Felipe Madrigal, 36;
Main job is playing medic, police officer
and directs the traffic to its
brush be around friends. In his
Spare time he is white bikes at Gua-
dalajaras street lamps, each a
Memorial for a transport-geto
ended cyclists. Since August 2009
Madrigal has 49 white-on bikes
hanged. "Welcome to the Third
World, "says the medic with cynicism.
"If you have a car, are you who.
If not, you're worth nothing. "Ge-
build the bike trail for the poor.
But those who build it to include
Mexico's increasingly self-conscious
Educated middle class. Many of them
have studied in foreign countries.In Canada
or in Europe, they have seen that
the bike is not just for poor wretch
is. But in Mexico, they are faced with
an authoritarian policy face
referring in particular to the rich upper-
layer of the country-oriented. The
Fight for bike paths, they look so
as a struggle for more Bürgerbeteili-
tion."The debate is only the traffic
Pretext, "says one."The issue is
the democratization of Mexico, our
Weapons are Facebook and Twitter. "
11 Clock 10: Twitter is over 60 re-
actions received.Most for-
Biking trails but also outside her house.
In Guadalajara, the congestion around the
brush activists always be chaotic
shear.But the state can not be
look.There are only two possibilities for him
possibilities: either in front of the Ka-
mera with police violence against the activi-
Visten proceed.Or action to
. Accept
Presence of the Minister
12 Clock 10: Diego Monraz, transport
Ministers of the member state of Jalisco, he-
appears to be an obviously designed for
procured this performance cycle.He is
for transport planning in Guadalajara
jara responsible.Monraz shows up as
foxy politicians and praises the
"Exceptional civic commit-
management ".The Minister promised the
Bike trail to legalize retroactively,
three days later what he does.
13 clock: the tweets go to
Hundreds.For all of Mexico meet
Congratulations to the political he-
successful one.Citizens in three cities to ask
for technical assistance, and they want
a bourgeois construct bike trail.
The strategist of the action muses:
"We can mitregieren.The Politi-
ker it increasingly difficult for us to
. Pass »
But the joy over the success
lasts briefly.The next day comes
in Guadalajara, another cyclist
killed.A bus rolled over a
31-year-old man when turning.About
Facebook ambulance calls his Madrigal
To friends to him by hanging
the next white bikes to accom-
ten. It is the fiftieth.

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