Tuesday, September 22, 2009

'Actions' Exhibition Goes To Chicago

Opening October 16, 2009 Graham Foundation, Chicago
Original Exhibition Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), Montreal
Curated by Mirko Zardini and Giovanna Borasi
An exploration of how everyday human actions can animate and influence the perception and experience of contemporary cities. Seemingly common activities such as gardening, recycling, playing, and walking are pushed beyond their usual definition by the international architects, artists, and collectives featured in the exhibition. Their experimental interactions with the urban environment show the potential of a new level of participation by city residents.
Photo: Urban Repair Squad 'Rush Hour Bike Lane' on Bloor Street West, Toronto (2007).

Review in Time Out Chicago

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Big Parade & LA's Dept. of DIY (Make Your Own Park)

THE ORIGINAL BIG PARADE was a two-day public walk that took place in Los Angeles in July, 2009. It covered 40 miles and more than 100 public stairways, beginning downtown, starting at the historic Angel's Flight stairway, passing dozens of landmarks, and ending at the Hollywood Sign. More than 200 people joined the parade for segments ranging from just one or two miles to a full day - or more (nine people finished the whole thing.) The original Big Parade website, with maps, routes, cultural links info, is right here. The parade was an assemblage of more than 20 individual stairway routes. Look for them here, as well as a return to scheduled public walks in mid-September. Picture: Steve Matsuda. http://bigparadela.com/wordpress/?cat=27

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Before And After

A River Runs Through It installation on Crawford Street just south of Dundas West

Thursday, September 3, 2009

DIY Urban Repair Squads Worldwide (Article)

Photo: O.U.R.S. Victoria, BC

OURS is part of an international network with groups across North and South America and Europe.

“The Urban Repair Squads encourage citizens to reclaim stewardship of their cities through direct action,” says Duit. “The point of tapping in to that network is to show we’re not just flying solo here. There are people all over the world working on similar things.”

Full Article in Monday Magazine, Victoria