Thursday, December 1, 2011

Urban Repair Squad 'Le Depart'

This video was created by Streets are for People! in honour of activist group the Urban Repair Squad. Directed by Michael Louis Johnson, the film played on the small screen (a vintage TV set) as part of the Creative Activism exhibit at the Toronto Free Gallery, the Actions exhibit at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, the Graham Foundation in Chicago and currently at CMAV in Toulouse. The short film enjoyed it's big screen debut in New York City 2009 Bicycle Film Festival (BFF) plus the Toronto & Montreal BFF. The film was also shown at the Portland Filmed by Bike Festival in 2010 and currently at the SPUR Urban Center

Story & gags....Shamez Amlani, Michael Louis Johnson
Art Direction....Kelsey Carriere
Cast: Michael Louis Johnson, Shamez Amlani, Martin ReisKelsey Carriere, 
Colin Bryden and Szuszanna Garay
Producer: Martin Reis
Camera....Lisa Logan
Editor....Michael Louis Johnson
Director...Michael Louis Johnson
Music: Life of Crime by Michael Louis Johnson, performed by the New Kings.
Length: 4:42
Year: 2008

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