Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Shop with Self-managed Architecture, Noise Fridge, Coloco, Ctrl + Z, The Shed Vertical, Didattica, Encore Heureux Exyzt, Muf, Raumlabor, Recetas Urbanas, SYN-atelier urban exploration, Urban Repair Squad, J. Graham and T. Jusczyk, JP Ganem, Mossop + Michaels architects, G. Lang, AC Work, Office for Unsolicited Architecture (OAU), Mr. Rakowitz, playspace Foundation

Exhibition developed and presented by the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture de Toulouse in partnership with AERA, with the kind cooperation of the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), Montreal Scientific commissioner Enrico Chapel, architect, teacher.

The exhibition presents a selection of urban situations which are defined at the crossroads architecture, art and politics: reversible and temporary buildings, plant, scenes, art, participative, gardens, play areas, informal settlements which are built ... or "self-build 'next steps of DIY', low-tech and ready-mades. The aim is to question their use value and symbolic value. To what extent these various situations they promote constructive appropriation of urban space and participation unscheduled fate of contemporary cities?

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