Friday, August 20, 2010

The Hallam Sharrows. Better Late Than Never?

After promising Sharrows for Hallam in the fall of 2007 the city finally installed them earlier this week. Almost three years after the fact! Talk about slow.

You can still see the sharrow painted by URS in the early spring of 2008!  The paint crew must have wondered what these were doing there ... (grin)
As it turns out the city does not need council approval for putting in sharrows so one has to wonder what took so long.

In any case, the URS sharrows on Hallam were never removed and likely represent one of the longest lasting examples of DIY cycling infra-structure in the world.

The banner photos above is a Hallam Sharrow.


m.arbuthnot said...

I for one (a resident near Hallam) would personally like to thank you for trying to keep me & my bike safe these past 3 years.

Tino said...

Safe to say it is their pleasure.
Thank you for that kind comment.