Monday, December 1, 2008

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99 Actions
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Anonymous said...

Can we do something about snow in the bike paths in the Don Valley? Anyone have a bobcat? This would be safer to do for volunteers than painting, and open up many km to both cyclists and walkers. More good PR (well, not for the city...) when shown to the Toronto Star and CBC.

Tino said...

"Winter access to Martin Goodman Trail

For the first time, this winter the City will clear snow from sections of
the Martin Goodman Trail for cyclists. Sections chosen for this pilot
project are Windermere Avenue to Stadium Road and Northern Dancer Boulevard
to Lower Sherbourne Street.

I looked up the more unusual streets on the city map site. Northern Dancer Boulevard is just east of Coxwell in the former racetrack. Stadium Road is where the trail ends near Bathurst and then turns into an on-street bikelane. This means the whole thing from Windermere east is cleared. As for Windermere, It is in the west end just before the Humber River, close enough to the end that one wonders why they just didn't do the whole thing."

Don Valley? Good idea!