Thursday, September 11, 2008

With love from Riga, Latvia!

This article was submitted to me with the photos. Awesome work!

Chalk bike lanes
Why wait if you can do it yourself?

Author: David and two Sanitas

Riga, the capital of Latvia, has narrow streets, pedestrians and cars. Surprisingly, there are cyclists as well, despite the danger the cyclists involve themselves in. We have two bike roads that lead to leisure destinations, to Jūrmala (city next to the sea shore) and Mežaparks (forest for walking, running, roller skating, and Zoo Park). None of them are used for daily cycling to school or work, mostly they are just for leisure.

We have a city council, with transport department. We also have some pavements wide enough to share between pedestrians and bicyclists. And what is most important - we have people, who care, about streets, about pedestrians, about pavements and even about the city council.

So we built our own chalk bike road. And will continue to. Until somebody official will notice it, and paint it permanently. Newspapers write that we can expect improvement in five years the earliest. Meanwhile we will keep on chalking.

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