Thursday, June 28, 2007

Exclusive: Official Urban Repair Squad Strikes Again! "We Hear City Is Broke, We Fix, No Charge!"

Looks like Ossington and Dundas is worth checking out on your bike.

Read the communique.
Too funny. Ride on.

Text of the hand-written communique received in my mailbox yesterday together with a CD containing the image posted:
"Hallo from Official Urban Repair Squad.
Our agents inform us that your city is too busy patting itself on back-side about Bike Plan 2001 that they don't bother putting up any bike lane. We come to make roads safe so citizens of Toronto leave car at home and ride bicycle to work making for cleaner air and more friendly city. For to make rush-hour traffic more safely for the bicycle riders we have create a special lane. The "Rush Hour Bike Lane" no hurt business, no loose parking and no need for expensive designer to paint line on road.

Rush Hour Bike Lane is CHEAP CHEAP. Can be done OVERNIGHT.
Then you will see. Less cars. More Bikes. CLEANER CITY.
We hear city is broke. We fix, No charge.

oxox 'Official' Urban Repair Squad"