Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lego My Bike Lane

Dupont Street Toronto.


Lego my bike lane! 

This morning Toronto's Urban Repair Squad (URS) got down to fixing the city's broken infrastructure once again. The City's recent and mind-boggling financial investment in the removal of cycling safety infrastructure motivated the anonymous group of urban citizens to bring their construction kits to the corner of Dupont Street and Lansdowne Avenue. Goal: To repair damage done to the Dupont bicycle lane three weeks prior. Is Dupont Street a throughway for all urban commuters to traverse the East and West parameters of the city? The Urban Repair Squad thinks so. Streets need to work for everyone, not just cars. Commuters on bicycles continue to use Dupont as their necessary travel route to work, eat, and play. But, their infrastructure needs are being pulled out from under their... wheels. Urban Repair Squad holds true to a vision of a fairer city that adapts to the diversity of our citizens' transportation choices. In response to the removal of the Dupont lanes, for the duration of this morning's rush hour, the squad re-installed a more flexible, modular system of bike lane infrastructure. This installation is proof that building a safe cycling infrastructure is really just child's play.
This action was done in solidarity with cyclists who use Birchmount and Pharmacy, whose bike lane's are being removed as we write.
Councillor Ana Bailao's response to proposed removal, posted July 22, 2011: http://bikingtoronto.com/duncan/councillor-ana-bailao-proposes-reversible-centre-lane-on-dupont/

Articles: http://torontoist.com/2011/10/spotted-lego-my-bike-lane/
Spotted: NOW Magazine Oct. 13, 2011

More photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/martinreis/sets/72157627694362053/